Yoga Wisdom with deAnna

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Classes with DeAnna

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Making Love With Food

So you are ready to take your practice off your mat and onto your plate? Great! We have a seasonal rotation of delightful, nourishing recipes that will sooth your soul. Not only will you enjoy delicious food that reduces the toll you take on the planet, you will save lots of time and money!

Holy Waters at Home

Water therapy has long been a favorite method of healing and spiritual sanctuary. For millennia, mankind has sought calm and rejuvenation from the water. Create your own personal sanctuary for healing body, mind and spirit with a few simple ingredients. All you will need is Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide. Immerse yourself in the nourishing vibration of these basic recipes and feel like you spent a day in a luxurious spa.

Lessons and Philosophy with deAnna

Out of town? Working late? Missing class? Need some advice or insight? Check out the Audio and Writing section to enjoy a few free audio classes while you are away. Soak up some inspirational philosophy informed by deAnna's decades of study, personal experience and direct instruction from world renowned teachers. Even better...schedule an appointment to focus on your personal needs and growth. Lessons range from restorative applications to tweaking advanced poses and addressing spiritual questions.

Dearest DeAnna ~ May you continue to be blessed with the strength and beauty to continue this great work we are doing together. With great love all is possible. ~ Sharon Gannon