deAnna Anderson Inversion

Ever since childhood, deAnna has been interested in how things work.   Always a student, she practiced violin since age 9, was an avid bookworm and eventually went on to study Physics, Philosophy and Mathematics at NYU. Before discovering the practice of yoga in 1994, her search for freedom and deeper understanding was frequently more like a roller coaster ride and often confused with a need for a wide variety of experiences and sensations. After enough highs, lows, twists and turns, she eventually but inevitably found yoga. During a time in life when it felt like she had been there, done that and was enjoying an exciting and stressful career as a fashion editor in NYC, she found herself laying on the floor in her first yoga class crying for no reason. Something stirred in her soul that she wanted to learn more about. Her curiosity was ignited. The asana practice felt very natural to the former international nightclub dancer who had been dancing since childhood and she soon committed to a daily practice at the Jivamukti Yoga Center.
For a long time, deAnna’s practice was an integral part of her life as she changed careers and relocated from Dallas to L.A. and back. At the urging of a few friends, she got a basic certification and began teaching in 2001. Although she enjoyed other styles of yoga, her first love has always been Jivamukti and she finally made her way back to participate in the first month-long Jivamukti Residential teacher training program in May 2003.
Thanks to the early experiences provided by her family who gave her a wonderful arts and science education and the grace of her teachers Sharon and David, she has connected with a time-tested framework for discovering freedom and understanding that has proven to bring the pieces of life’s puzzle together and manifest ever increasing feelings of happiness, gratitude and purposefulness. deAnna is eternally grateful to her family and her partner, Steven, Sharon and David for all their love, guidance and support and to Dharma Mittra for appearing in her life to reassure her that “all is within” and “you are not the doer”.
deAnna is known for her spunky wisdom and compassionate humor, encouraging teaching style and generous hands on assists as well as her eclectic mix of music and DJ skills. She has taught internationally, co-led the Pure Yoga Teacher Training at Equinox and was the Founding Teacher of Karmany Yoga, one of the first donation-based studios in Texas. deAnna is very grateful to all of her students,  past and present for the wide variety of experiences and lessons that have brought her to where she is right now and will continue to provide insight and wisdom for the future.

In addition to teaching, deAnna has launched a fashion clothing line called ‘Ebullire’. Check out to shop and find out more.


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