Standing on the shoulders of giants!

…By Sitting at the feet of the great teachers.

deAnna’s primary teachers are Sharon Gannon and David Life who are the Co-Creators of the Jivamukti Yoga Method which they started in 1984 in NYC with the blessings of their teachers. She has also studied extensively with Dharma Mittra, the creator of the 908 Yoga Asana Chart, since 2005. Additionally, Manorama, Lady Ruth and Tripsichore’s Edward Clark and Desiree Kongerod are major influences and encouraging forces.


deAnna and Sharon-ji Austin 2008 croppedDavid Life, deAnna, Sharon Gannon Austin 2008Dharma Mittra & deAnna 2009Manorama, deAnna & Lady RuthEdward Clark & deAnna Dallas 2005

Eileen Desiree assist deAnna tripsichore chapel hill 2007

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