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Here’s a sigh to those who love me and a smile to those who hate. For whatever sky’s above me, here’s a heart for every fate. ~Lord Byron




I just wanted to say thank you for your profound motivation section on your newsletters.  This particular one relates so much to what I’m currently reading, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  I am slowly starting to comprehend the power of the present and becoming more aware and appreciative of now instead of being so focused on the future.  What a relief it has been for me thus far.  And so I just wanted to say thank you for your sharing and teachings.  Have a great day 😉


Great class today, my shoulders really opened up!  I wanted to talk to
you about reading some books about yoga.  I am really interested in the
spiritual side, especially about Shiva and all the little stories you tell us.  I
figured you could give me some recommendations.

I’m going out of town for Labor Day Weekend.  Might try to come to the
ashtanga class tomorrow.  If not, have a good and safe labor day and we’ll talk when
I get back.


Hi deAnna,

Thanks for adding me to your e-mail list.  I believe
in telling someone when they have impacted me in a
positive way, so thanks also for being such a fabulous
teacher.  I teach power yoga in Fort Worth at numerous
places, and with the exception of going to Yoga
conferences have had most of my yoga experiences in
health clubs.  I’ve been searching for a teacher for
two years, and have been unable to find one in Fort
Worth.  I was looking for a teacher who combined
philosophy with practice, who challenged with
kindness, and who was not ego driven.  After my first
class with you I told my boyfriend that I believe I
had found my teacher!

Peace & blessings.
Lorie Grandclair
hey there…
It was just a small gesture to say thanks for
everything. You have been a wonderful teacher and
such an inspiration ( there definetely is no
replacement in LA). You truely have been a blessing
to myself and others. I haven’t even been doing yoga
lately so your newsletter really got me. Its just
hard when everything is so chaotic to find the time.

I thought about writing you a while back because you
always seem to have a good outlook on situations. I
know you’ve been having alot to deal with on your own
right now so maybe you can give me some perspective.
Ever since I got here it just seems like everything
has been a struggle and just about everything that
could go wrong has, all at the same time. On one hand
I think thats all part of the change, but on the other
its hard not to think I’m working in opposition from
what I should.. Its like theres a message I’m supposed
to be getting but I don’t really know what that is.
David says I’m just going through a cycle, I don’t
know. Also do you know a good mantra for me right

I just started reading The Essence of Yoga by Bernard
Bouanchaud about the yoga sutras so I guess I havent
slacked off entirely.

I hope you are doing well, and in good spirits. You
know if you ever want to come and visit your friends
in LA you should consider doing a workshop here. I’m
sure you know lots of people in LA and I’m here so
we’d all help get the word out and theres noone here
teaching jivamukti. If nothing else it would be a
good excuse to visit and probably cover the cost of
your trip. Just something to think about.

Just wanted to send you a quick thanks for all you do!  I love and appreciate your classes and all of your help!  See you soon.

Hi deAnna

Just wanted to let you know how much i look forward to coming home and
going to your Jiva classes. They really are the best classes I have
found, and you have totally inspired me to bring some Jivamukti to the
classes i teach in Canada. Thanks for always assisting in the right
way, and pushing me to do asanas which i don’t even know i am capable
of. As always i will look forward to the next time I am in your class!



I miss you. Jivamukti is not the same without YOU!

Hi deAnna,

I loved practicing with you today. Sorry I had to leave early, my dad’s
party was great. I am really so, so sorry about the workshop but I realized
I have a lot to learn from you still. Not only in my physical practice, but
more importantly in my spiritual practice of yoga. I was so upset and
worried about how this all would go and you were so completly gracious and
eager to turn the disappointment into a great afternoon for those of us
present. I have a ways to go with the whole detachment issue!

Hope to see you soon.

Peace, namaste,


You are such an inspiration. Your class is much like water to a fish; you just can’t live without it. I absolutely love how you bring all the pieces of life’s puzzle and put them together in one class. Not only are you a teacher to your students, you are also a friend; and that is what separates your class from other yoga classes. In a world full of chaos and negativity, you bring us and environment for balance and lots of laughter. I think that must be what I enjoy most about your class; being able to laugh. You provide a space for total liberation from the worldly confines of “etiquette” Thank you for your encouragement. I hope I will be a delightful example of your teaching when I go to New York for teacher training in April.

Namaste and Shanti

Shanna Lee

Next month is a year for me practicing yoga.  You know I remeber that one class where you were teaching beginning flow.  You told us that downward dog was resting position.  (I understand why you need it for Julie’s class 🙂 )

Ok off random thoughts.  I want to just say thanks for your dedication to us.  Deanna, you challenge and encourage us to keep going.  I have learned so much this year.

I know the sacrifices you make to teach us.  Well,  you helped me to turn my life around.

If there is anything that I can every do please ask.

Your student and friend,

deAnna, thanks so much for your words..They are so very helpful..See you
soon, Helen

Dear deAnna,

I think you are doing an excellent job of teaching our classes — especially
considering the diversity of the backgrounds of the students.  We have
widely different ages, health concerns, religious views, and reasons for
even being in a yoga class.  Yet, you are patient and understanding of all
of us and our limitations … and often seemingly total lack of desire to
advance spiritually at all.  Still, you introduce new insights into the
poses, take time to explain the ideas behind the practices, and always make
time to assist us all individually.  One never feels that you have
“favorites” in the classes.  We are equal in your eyes.  And, you are also
accepting and tolerant even of those “advanced” students who often want to
go their own way during the class — no matter what the instruction is for
everyone else.  Indeed, you even accept with a smile the clever (or perhaps
not so clever) verbal quips of some of the more verbose students, such as
yours truly.

You are doing very good work that is touching many lives in many ways.  I
wanted to take the time to acknowledge that and to thank you for your
sincere, heart-felt efforts that I have received from your classes.  As we
spoke today after class, I came to realize, even more so, just how much you
really do care about everyone’s long term welfare and how much you do try
and take the long view of this affair we call life.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Baraka Bashad

Your chela,



Thank you soooooooo much for that awesome workshop. I can’t wait to hear
from everyone over the next few days about how they liked it. I’m so glad
you felt good in our studio. It has always been a comfortable and peaceful
place for me. See you soon!!! Lori

Hi deAnna,

Thank you for a great year of yoga. It is such a treat to go to your
classes and get to explore and experiment in a safe, loving environment.
Have a great holiday season, see you soon!

deAnna, I miss you.

New York is great, and I have been going to Jivamukti. There is a teacher I really like, but she’s not you. Please come visit.


Hi deAnna,
I just wanted to say “thanks” for the great workshop this past weekend.  It was very uplifting and encouraging for me to be a part of such an event.
What a joy it was to meet David and Sharon!
For your class at DYC, are there any chant books available for sale or do I have to order one from Jivamukti.com?
I plan to come to class more often, with a goal of twice a week.  I still need to beef up my stamina so I can work on the more challenging asanas.
All in due time, right?
Thanks again!
John Poole
Thank You so much for your teachings and for bringing Sharon and David to Dallas. This weekend was enchanting and enlightening.

Here is this month”s newsletter for vegetarian dallas if there are any of your students interested,

whole heart

Christiana Wyly
just a quick note.  Please know what your kindness means to me.  Scott totally feels the energy from class–not a surprise to you, I know.  Allison Hatfield said to me that “Jivamukti will totally change(your) life”  She was right on so many levels.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Scott’s already read autobiography of a yogi, but I am getting it to read, then he’ll re read it.  When he’s well, he can’t wait to come to class.   Thanks so much for your prescence in my life.  leigh


Thanks for taking such great care of me.

Thank you for all that you do for me-much happiness in the coming year.
Love & Blessings,

You are more than an inspiration. You are an intergalactic seed planter.
See ya at the eternal party at the end of time.

Thanks for all your support and guidance. If it weren’t for your influence, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.
Lots of Love,
Shanna Lee

Thanks for all your help and support.
Janet N.

I had a knee scope yesterday and they were very impressed with how well my leg was extending etc. – I told them I did yoga and they said that had to be it!
Thank you for my quick recovery.

Thank you for your sincere and focused commitment to DYC and its vision. Your desire to spread the joys of yoga is greatly appreciated by us and all of your students. The effort you put into building our community and helping us make it run more smoothly has helped make it a truly wonderful resource to hundreds of people whose souls have been inspired and transformed. You know that Krishnamacharya said that the community is like a field and the fruits of yoga only exist when there is a good field to plant seeds within. Thanks for making last year a Great one and we hope 2005 is even better.
David and Lisa

Ihave enjoyed your classes so much and appreciate all your help and support.

Your classes made my stay in Dallas! Thanks for sharing your passion.
It’s a gift.

Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

Thank you for inspiring me all year long! I look forward to an even better 2006!
Your friend,
Mary Kathryn

Thanks for giving me adjustments and for making me laugh and think.

I am one of your biggest fans. I have been a devoted member of your fan club for over 3 years. I always tell you how fantastic you are. I always appreciate your humor, your words and ideas. And of course, your DJ skilss are a huge bonus.
D, I have always respected you. I was ver sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope she knew that you give more than you take. You are a wonderful beautiful woman and I know that 2006 is going to be a much better year for us all. Please know that I am on your team and always will be.

Dear deAnna,
Thank you so very much for your loving warmth and generosity. Your support has helped DYC to expand and grow, providing the best tht yoga has to offer to the Dallas community. May the depth and beauty of your practice continue to unfold into all the corners of your life!
David and Lisa

Dearest deAnna,

As we conclude this year and begin the next, I would like to thank you and take the time to tell you how important you are to me. DeAnna, you came into my life two years ago at a time when I was having big personal and professional change along with some health challenges that forced me to rethink, rebuild and redefine my life. I sorely needed spiritual guidance, and there you were with your limitless compassion, encouraging words, challenging questions, loving touch, meaningful answers, heartfelt genuineness, intelligent thoughtfulness, spunky wisdom and wonderful sense of humor and humiity all the while being true to yoursefl and your journey. DeAnna, you inspire my heart and spirit every day and help me be a better me. You often say that the real mark of practice in life is off the mat. Please now that the gifts you share with your pupils extends beyond the mat into our daily lives. You touch everyone we touch. You are much more than a yoga instructor- you are a life instructor.
For this, I applaud and admire you!
Dear deAnna & The Larry North Yoga Ladies,

Well girls, this is my second attempt at writing you a thank you note! I started Friday to write a few notes. Today I reread what I wrote and don’t know if it was the drugs or I was feeling sorry for myself but the letter made no sense and sounded like poor, pitiful me. So here goes with less drugs and knowing I’m lucky to be aliveand have great chances of recovery- totally.

I don’t want to talk about the wreck now but to tell you that, deAnna I did use my yoga. I was laying there on that highway and could hear people screaming around me. I couldn’t make my body get up and I thought I was dying because I couldn’t breathe. So I practiced my yoga breathing. In and out through my nose. I continued to use it in the helicopter and at the hospital. I felt if I could control my breathing, I was certainly alive and would calm down.
I’m pretty beat up inside. The trunk of my body is still swollen from the surgery and banging around. I’ve been wearing my yoga clothes and look like I might do some yoga but I don’t know when I’ll be able to join you again. I don’t bend at the waist now. Please know the desire is still there; not just to feel the joys of yoga but the blessing of the friendship of women. I consider it an honor to have made friends with all of you. It is not based on college, sorority, friends of my girls or my husband’s business. Just the peace, bliss, unconditional love and boundless joy of yoga feiends.
Much Love,

To Larry North Fitness in Regards to deAnna Anderson:

Dear Friends at Larry North,
I was so surprised to receive the beautifull flower arrangement. I guess deAnna told you about my accident. I was at her wonderful class on Friday morning before I left town and the accident happened. I know I am blessed to be alive and to have injuries that I will recover from. Although all of ICU and most of the hospital stay are a blur I was told several times that my good physical condition helped me to recover and would continue to help with the healing once I got home. I was in the best shape I have been in since college. Of course, it was because of my total faithfulness to deAnna’s yoga class and to my somewhat faithfulness to the machines. I really was as strong as I’ve ever been. I cannot imagine how I’ll ever get back there. I know I want the mental and physical strength back so please know that my goal is to return.
Many thanks for your gift, concern and support.

Dear deAnna,
I just want you to know that I really do value and appreciate you as a teacher and like and admire you as a person. You have taught me a great deal, and through this experience I am learning more as well. You have an intelligence and wisdom that coupled with your humanness have inspired me to change some negative patterns and embrace more positive ways to approaching life. This is no minor feat, and for this I thank you. You have a special and rare gift. I appreciate you sharing it with me and others.
Dear D,
I just wanted to thank you for sharing the Jivamukti family with me.Spending such intimate time with Sharon and David was amazing and priceless. I was so lucky to have met you. You are a super-freakin-cool yogi.  It was great meeting Stephen too and next time I’m back in Plano we’ll have to hang out again. I was wondering also, just whenever you have time, could you perhaps send me a copy of Sharon’s speech on the Diet of Enlightenment?

Thank you so much beautiful soul

As I am on this journey it sometimes feels lonely as I am transitioning old lifestyles and friendships into the new

Thank you for remembering me

and seeing me as part of the tribe and a sister on the path

to hear your excitement and desire to deepen your availability and practice of the true values of yoga ignite my inner knowing and desire to continue. I so respect and love you as a teacher and friend on this path. You continually guide and remind me of what it most authentic in me and wants to be known.

Thank you for reaching out

You make a difference in my world

There’s enormous freedom when you find yourself outside of what you always expected to happen

Hi, Deanna.

I hope you are well. I really enjoyed seeing you over the summer and spending time in your classes. It’s amazing to me to see how you have grown as a teacher over the years. I am grateful to have you in my life.

I am back in Alabama and am sad that I will miss some of these events, especially the potluck. Next year, I hope.

Be well,


Thanks again for such a wonderful class last night.  I had told Tracy that I expected to have issues with the chanting.  To my suprise, It was really nice.  I had a little difficulty following, but that gave me a chance just to listen.  By the way you have a wonderful voice.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


I just wanted to say thank you for being my guru.

I feel fortunate to have developed a relationship with you and the others in our class. Your teachings have and continue to help me through some difficult times, always reminding me of my true nature that remains constant in the ever-changing world around me. I’m learning to remain calm in midst of that change, which has provided me a good amount of peace and contentment.  At the same time, my hope is to one day have a set of shoulders like yours. And I’m getting there. Bit by bit. 🙂

Thanks for all you do and for who you are.

with regards,


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