Private Lessons

Photo on 2-14-13 at 2.01 PMWant to make it all about you? Well, here’s your chance!  Private lessons are an amazing opportunity to deepen your practice and gain deeper understanding about the nuances of evolving a steady and long lasting practice whether you are a novice, recovering from disease or trying to make it as a teacher. Our time together will focus on a combination of practices and techniques prescribed especially for you! This time can be set up on a regular basis or periodically during times of change and growth. Many students set up a monthly tune up session to streamline things introduced in class.

I have privately served  a wide variety of amazing folks since 2000. This includes several noteworthy professional athletes, high level corporate executives and influential artist types. My practice is informed by a multifaceted approach to yoga that can address a myriad of needs and support you all the way through the later years in life. Additionally, I have mentored and advised many teachers informally since 2007. Currently, I am available for sessions, lessons, consultations and advice for teachers by appointment only.

Please note that I have a 24-hour cancellation policy.







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