Soup Recipes

Food Party 12
Delicious and Beautifying Foods

You will wonder how food could taste this decadent and make you look so good.

This winter 2013, I am sharing my favorite soups and a decadent risotto along with a juicing plan and some dessert suggestions that will support your practice and weight goals and give you plenty of energy. At the same time, you will save money, have more time by doubling recipes and enjoy a super rich diversified vegetarian lifestyle.

Let the journey begin!

Delicious & Nourishing Yogi Soups

(Sunday – Wednesday)


Empress Dal meets Simple Dal

These are the soups most often served by ashrams and temples. Similar to what you might experience at Cosmic Cafe or Kalachandjis Krishna Temple. In fact, you can find recipes for everything on the menu at the temple over by Fair Park on the  Kalachandjis website here.

Decadent Gourmet Soups

(Wednesday – Friday)

 Tomato Basil Soup

 Creamy Spinach and Cauliflower Soup

 Porcini-Wild Rice Soup

These are The Best Recipes we have found in all our soup exploration so far. Prepare to enjoy rich flavors reminiscent of the swankiest NYC restaurants. You can do these with veggie fritters, toast or salad and have a feast. It’s best to double the recipes to maximize time and money as well as to share with friends.

Delightful Dinners

(Friday – Sunday)

Mushroom- Truffle Risotto

Steamed Jasmine rice or quinoa with steamed kale and  red cabbage or shitakes and bock choy

At our house, we frequently look forward to mushroom risotto on the weekends. We fell in love with it at Taverna and resolved to perfect a vegan variation and cut out spending $25 per person to eat out all the time. If you double the recipe, you could consider making risotto pancakes or fritters.

Anytime is a nice time for steamed rice and veggies. We just got a rice steamer for $20 on Amazon that will steam the rice and the veggies at the same time! My favorite way to dress this up is with a splash of the following Asian/macro-biotic items: Nama Shoyu, Mirin and Brown Rice Vinegar. Its delicious to add some lived avocado and walnuts on top at the end. In the past, I have happily lived on this for weeks. Some people say it makes them feel high.


Regarding pizza. Pizza can be done in healthy ways that still feel indulgent. Whole Foods has plenty of vegetarian options in their to-go section. Since falling in love with the pizza at Canne Roso, Steven has mastered making the crust and we now make the same thing at home with all organic ingredients and no 45 minute wait, parking hassles in Deep Ellum or $60 bill at the end. The book he uses is called “Artisenal Bread in 5 Minutes or Less”. It’s a great resource.

Beautify & Detox with daily Juicing

Green Juice: cucumber, kale, celery, apple, lemon, parsley or fennel

Red Juice: carrot beet, apple celery

Alkanalizing Lemon Water: water, aloe vera juice, lemon juice

Juic-ing is getting more and more popular and widespread for a reason. It is a great way to stay hydrated and receive amazing nourishment and enzymes that is also filling and very healing for digestion which is amazing for weight loss. You will feel light, have a ton of energy to get through your day and you will glow! If you are like me and don’t have a lot of time to sit around prepping veggies and cleaning the juicer, I highly recommend picking up bottled juices from The Gem in Preston Center on Luther Lane of Douglas, The Juice Bar in the back of Inwood Village at Lovers, or Izmir Deli on Greenville Ave. There are other new spots opening up but these are my favorites!


For now, I am not going to dole out dessert recipes because that is actually Steven’s department. I will share some advice on enjoying scrumptious treats that will support your health and weight loss goals and make you glow. First off, my friend Susan O’brien has a fabulous line of products called Hail Merry that is available at Whole Foods, Central Market and nationally. Woohoo! Her macaroons, Meyer Lemon Tarts and Chocolate Tart variations will blow your mind. You will feel like you are eating a dessert at a fancy restaurant without the guilt. All her products are vegan. The main ingredients are coconut, cashew, maple syrup and cacao powder. Again, easy to digest and give you a healthy glow.

There are also wonderful vegan ice creams at Whole Foods and Central Market that are coconut, rice or almond based and have very little fat and no processed sugars.


Granola with Blueberris, Almonds and Almond Milk

Green Tea

Keep it simple. Reduce coffee as much as possible. Reduce alcohol consumption as much as possible. You will feel the difference!